This is my next: 365 Days of Apple, and Predictions for the Year Ahead

~ Part 1: The Hardware Front, Back, and All-Around ~

Here are some of my predictions for what new hardware Apple might introduce in the Year to come. These are simply realistic case-scenarios, with inclusions that I personally believe will [or should] occur.

The iPhone 5S: Colourfully Progressive

  • An obvious improvement over the iPhone 5, with a similar design but as reported by various outlets, (hopefully) available in a variety of colours
  • Probable new anodization technique similar to the iPod Touch, to sustain high quality of build
  • Same 4-inch Retina display, or improvements such new LCD technology, greater response, or implementation involving recently surfaced stylus-based patents to use with notation apps
  • Possible further improvement to front-facing camera, with backside illumination, 1080p for video and higher megapixel sensor with improved optical quality
  • Better iSight shooter, with higher megapixel count (10-13 MP range), improved optics, and possible improvement to stabilization and features through software enhancements (more capability through built-in camera app, while still remaining simplistic foundation, and implementing intuitive gestures or controls)
  • As with iPhone 5, improved audio (dynamic range, microphone quality, etc.)
  • Improved LTE coverage and support
  • Optimistically Wi-if 802.11ac included for improved performance and speed
  • Improved internal components, and the next in the A-series of processors
  • Hopeful Inclusion of Imagine Technologies' "Rogue" series for a leap in graphical performance (would be very noticeable in improving tasks such as AirPlay mirroring of graphically intensive applications, playing demanding games, allowing for greater software possibilities, etc.)
  • Jump in CPU performance as well (with possible dual core ARM A15 architecture-based setup)
  • Improved battery life over the iPhone 5
  • New accessories involving the lightning connector
  • Potential new storage capacities (up to 128 GB)
  • Smart Cover for iPhone anyone?

Year of the iPad 2, Concentrated: Mini is Mighty

  • The second generation of the iPad Mini could follow a similar jump that was experienced between the original iPad, and the iPad 2
  • Thinner and lighter design, with same aluminum and glass aesthetic
  • Could be available in a variety of colours
  • A breakthrough 2048 x 1536 resolution, 326 PPI Retina Display in a 7.9-inch form factor
  • Almost full, if not full sRGB colour gamut coverage (just as with the new iPad and iPhone 5), and overall better display characteristics
  • Implementation of the further laminated screen process utilized in the iMac and iPhone 5 (to reduce significant amount of glare by reducing gap to cover glass)
  • IGZO or other display technology used to retain battery life by reducing power-consumption
  • Improved cameras (possible 1080p video and improved front-facing, with 8MP rear camera)
  • Better ISP
  • Increase to 1GB of DDR2 RAM (required due to the increase in pixel count as with the iPad 3)
  • Implementing A6 or newer class-A series chip (A5X or similar processors too power hungry and too thermally constrained in smaller form factor)
  • Incorporating next generation Power VR GPU for combined performance + power reduction (built on newer processes?)
  • Broadcom Wifi 802.11ac
  • Greater LTE support and coverage
  • Preserving the same 10 hour battery life
  • Hopefully new storage capacities across the board of next-generation iOS devices
  • iPad Mini optimized version of iBooks, with special emphasis on viewing text and content with the Retina Display
  • New dual mic implementation (using beam-forming tech for more accuracy when using Siri, etc.)

Wristpod, iWatch, or a New iPod?

  • Bluetooth 4.0 and (Unlikely) Standard Wi-Fi 802.11 for wireless options
  • 1.5 inch diagonal OLED Display with an either square or 4:3 aspect ratio (or, a new Apple design incorporating a circular pane of glass)
  • Relatively High resolution and Pixel Density for crispness of text and viewable content
  • Possible variation of a current iOS device resolution, allowing for similar application experiences to be transmitted/synced across devices
  • Possibly similar experience to the iPod Nano (previous or current generation) with scrollable menus and interfaces, and unique, dynamic gesture utilization for navigation
  • Because of screen size, would differ in terms of operation (for example, instead of a standard iOS lock screen, could incorporate one-at-a-time notification banners, with simple slide to "remove" gesture)
  • Possible iOS Style Widgets (Would not drain battery, and simply be used as clock, etc.)
  • If possible, a well-suited, and applicable scenario for recent patents/innovations in curved glass production, and flexible panels
  • A differing, new set of internal components, which could still have the A-series moniker attached (or as with the shuffle and other devices, probably no designation)
  • Could use wireless transmittance technology similar to the Wii U and game pad (which would simply mean that the watch would not require a processor or intricate chipset inside)
  • If utilizing wireless communications, could also implement a proprietary technology (as I believe is the case with the Wii U)
  • An aluminum and glass design, simple and minimalistic, yet functional enough to allow for all required inputs (headphone jack, sleep/wake button, volume rocker, etc.)
  • The strap could be implemented in an accessory-style manner (such as the interchangeable loops for the 5th generation iPod Touch)
  • This would allow for different colour options, and would mean an anodized aluminum painting technique similar to the iPod Touch as well
  • Recent acquisition of liquid metal technology could be applied to build
  • Very small built-in speaker, used mainly for notification alerts (simple beeps or tones)
  • Possibly built-in microphone (or if not, then as with iPod nano, useable with mic-connected headsets such as the Earpods)
  • Possible dependency on headset for control (when running for example) could mean Siri support
  • Sealed-in, rechargeable battery with either proprietary charging connector, or lightning connector (would be a good use case for the recent change in docking platform)
  • Battery life lasting 10 hours of music playback with screen off, and/or if kept in "watch mode" (could occur due to combination of OLED perks, possible lack of processing unit, and new battery technology)
  • Otherwise, could charge through headphone jack (as with the iPod Shuffle before)