The most popular threads in Microsoft Tribe, Android Army, and Apple Core

Not making any statements, just found this interesting. Make your own judgements:

Microsoft Tribe -

The lack of enthusiam by Google for Windows 8 bothers me

MS should fight fire with fire

The Evil Rises...Googolopoly

Why I don't want a notification center on WP8

Windows Phone 8 Is A Terrible OS

Should Microsoft Have Two Operating Systems...Windows and Android

to lumia 920 users: are u happy with your phones?

NYT: Windows 8 Sales Disappoint in Shaky PC Market

Is it just me or is the Surface absolutely fantastic?

What phone would you recommend for a first time smart phone buyer?

Android Army -

Okay More Folks Getting updated the JB...Now better NFC Sharing

Post your Nexus homescreen!

UPDATE: Galaxy S4 (render) side by side comparison with Droid DNA & Galaxy S3...

What are some of the small things that annoy you about Android?

Wow..I already got a crack on the back of my Nexus 4. Never been dropped. ...

Why a Amazon Phone will be a dud...

Why would you own anything but a Nexus?

Galaxy S III : CNET's Device of the Year

Post your GS3, HTC One X, or Nexus homescreen!

Apple Core -

What are some of the small things that annoy you about iOS?

Why I am done with iPhone, and how Apple can win me back.

iPad mini Q&A

Are you excited for Apple's 2013?

NFC? Seems like Passbook has already won.

Surface RT... Why?? I don't get it?

*RELEASED!* Rethinking the App Switcher for the iPhone 5 (mockups)

A Concept to Improve Notifications and rid iOS of its 'Legacy' UI (mockups)...

What if... Nexus 4 ran iOS6, iPhone ran 4.2

Google Is Winning The Battle, But Will Apple Win The War?