Windows 8 is ruining my iPad

First, a little background. I currently own an iPhone 4S, an iPad 2, and an HP Touchsmart Windows 8 desktop PC. I have never owned a Windows Phone or Surface device, so the PC has been my first experience with the new Windows (unless you count an Xbox 360).

So let me just say this: my Windows 8 PC is ruining my iPad experience. I used to love my iPad. In fact, I still love it, but I never had any issues with it until I started to get into a rhythm with Windows 8. The live tiles, the multitasking, the look of it. There is definitely a learning curve and some kinks to work out, but I absolutely love Windows 8.

But how could a PC ruin my experience with an iPad? Here's an example. Last night I was watching a movie using Netflix on the iPad. I was enjoying the movie but also wanted to keep up on the Sugar Bowl. I thought to myself, "I really wish I could drag ESPN to the right side of the screen and keep watching Netflix or maybe a Twitter feed of game chatter to see what people think of it." And here's the thing, I never felt like my iPad lacked this feature until I got used to Windows 8. All of the sudden, my iPad feels lacking. It feels outdated.

I don't know if I would switch to a Surface yet because of the glaring app gap, but I definitely see myself heading that way eventually. Here's hoping Microsoft keeps up the good work.