Google's FTC Settlement Is An Epic Fail For Microsoft

Microsoft is getting really tiresome with their hate crusade against Google. No wonder Google is responding by not wanting to support Microsoft's products and services anymore. If you have a problem with that blame Microsoft, not Google.

This article digs deep in all the hate campaigns Microsoft has created against Google over the years, and spending maybe as much as hundreds of millions of dollars to promote them or in lobbying against Google:

Microsoft needs to chill the f#ck out, and start focusing on their crumbling Windows 8 business instead of paying millions and millions on hate campaigns against competitors and paying so called "consultants" like the FOSS Patents guy to throw dirt at Google in the media.

This is starting to seriously piss me off, and it's only going to make the relationship with Google even weaker, and make me want to use fewer and fewer Microsoft products in the future. This just puts me in a position and state of mind where as soon as there are decent alternatives to the Microsoft products I'm still using, I'm going to switch to them. This is not a good feeling Microsoft needs to transmit to people who may be using some of their competitors' products as well right now. They need to focus on making their products the best, not on throwing dirt.