iOS Quibbles

When iOS 5 was released a little over a year ago, we saw the original blue notifications become replaced by the pop-downs and notification center that we have now. And boy were we glad to see them go.

With Ive stepping up in his design roles to the software side, it should be safe to assume that we’re going to see a few changes -much like those notifications- once iOS 7 rolls around six or so months from now. It’s gotten me thinking about what I’d like to see change now that there’s a fresh mind making the aesthetic decisions for the OS; maybe things that we’ve simply gotten used to as integral to iOS’s look.

For instance, take a look at the lock screen. Those opaque black bars that span the width of the device across the top and bottom. Why are they still there? They possess a glassy reflective quality that reminds me of the graphics for NBC Nightly News. Considering the direction that Android and (especially) Windows 8/Phone have gone recently in aesthetic design, reflective glass is starting to feel a bit old hat.

Imagine if Apple’s designers simply took out those bars. What we’d have left are the time and date at the top, and slide-to-unlock function at the bottom; all floating above the desired wallpaper. That might look nice. They don’t have to rethink the basic familiarities of iOS, just make them look a little more… 2013. The iPhone 5 hardware looks drastically more modern than that of the 3GS. So why should their lock screen’s both look the same?

I could go on with tiny quibbles such as these that might be nice to see changed. But I’m curious what your thoughts are. What are the tiny details in iOS that you’d like to see look a little different? I’m sure there’s that one little thing that bugs you…