If there was no iPhone... what would you do?

The stock market has crashed and burned. Apple is closing up shop, forever. The world's most valuable company is dying.

People with warranties only have a few hours left to claim rebates on their AppleCare warranty.

The products slowly grow obsolete - after all, who who would want to use an iPhone 5 when new generations of phones are much better?

All the iOS users stay strong... but slowly, the developers start to leave Cupertino, and slither over to the other platforms.

Eventually, even the Apple Fanpeople are forced to switch to Android, Windows Phone or Blackberry.


Imagine this situation is real. You have to switch - after all, what would you do without your beloved apps?

Would you switch to Android, Windows Phone, or to BlackBerry? And which phone would you choose?


EDIT: Special thanks to commenter SkyJohn for pointing out a rather stupid logic hole in my post.