3 Months with Surface, I'm starting to hate this thing

Let me first start by saying that I'm no MS hater (I bought a Surface tablet day one) neither I'm a blind fanboy. I've posted several things both good and bad about Microsoft products and I just try to give my honest opinion on the issues that bother me.

I will not take seriously criticism of my post coming from people who have not had extensive experience with the Surface, because, all you are going to say is just based on perception.

With this, let me start by saying that I love Windows 8, it has some great features, its fast, its easier to install than ever, has great apps (albeit too few still) and has some unique features like the live tiles that make the experience very appealing and unlike anything else out there.

I also embrace the concept of a tablet computer that can replace your laptop (and for most people even their desktops) with an attachable keyboard, reason why I bought a Surface, hoping to get a premium Windows 8 experience because as Panoz and Sinofky said, it was designed along Windows 8.

But, in reality the Surface is a terrible product, not because of the concept behind the Surface tablets but because of the ultimate execution of the idea. The Surface is slow, buggy and unstable, it is in fact the worst Windows 8 experience I've had thus far.

Among the things that bothers me the most:

- Its voracious appetite for its small (by MS standards anyways) 32 GB eMMC and I have to manually perform cleanups to delete temp files and app backups it does by itself to gain storage back.

- Its eMMC drive, its very slow causing system slow downs when ever it is doing OS tasks like Indexing, malware scans, error reporting logging, etc... This things are not under user control (unless you know how to disable them) and cause many of the slowdowns user commonly report with their Surface tablets. I've been monitoring the phenomenon and noticed that when this processes strike (some times several at once), disk usage can go up to 100% during several minutes.

- The Music app still has some mayor stability problems after several updates that where supposed to correct them. Last time I used it about a week ago I was still experiencing audio cutoff, with and without the touch cover, with physical media and streaming music. The app is also very slow and ultimately the reason why I'm canceling my xbox music subscription.

- IE10 is very slow, If not because of the screen size, my SGS III would be better for web surfing that the Surface, pages render very slowly on the Surface and I think is not because of lack of power but because of lack of platform optimization, even my old Atrix can render pages faster than the Surface and that's 2 years old hardware.

- Stability issues that sometimes will render the device completely "frozen" for several minutes, specially during those random episodes of intense disk activity.

Ultimately I believe that Windows RT is the culprit of all of my woes with the Surface RT, it is not optimized yet for ARM architectures and it still operates like Windows despite limitations on storage space and speed. To this day I see not a single reason to recommend anyone a Surface RT neither a Windows RT tablet. The Surface is clearly not ready for prime time and with a product as bad as this can only harm the nascent Surface brand. I hope MS has something that would make Windows RT on par with iOS and Android with Blue, but I know deep in my hearth that I will not happen and I will be again waiting for them to catchup.