Any experience with Microsoft Care/Warranty?

Hey Tribe,

Anybody have experience with Microsoft Warranty or "Microsoft Complete" a.k.a. Microsoft Care?

According to the Microsoft website, you can add on a $99 extended warranty when you purchase a Surface RT. It's for 2 years if you buy it with the device. So does anyone know if this is similar to Apple Care? I've been using Apple Care for my macbook and they make it very easy for you to bring your laptop in and they'll fix it no questions asked. I am wondering if Microsoft will be that generous if you bought the machine at their store or get this add-on after you buy a Surface at another retailer.

Since it's the 1st gen of Surface Pro, I'd like to get this extended warranty if it's actually useful.

Well, if anybody's had experience with Microsoft stores and warranties, let me know!

Thanks, in advance!