Apple handicapped background audio in iOS 6.1 - here's the workaround.

So, Apple's most boring and featureless point update to date didn't really compel me to upgrade, but why the hell not? It can't make anything worse, right? RIGHT?

Wrong. Turns out there was actually one feature in the update, you can no longer play audio from the browser in the background. For example, sometimes I look up a song on YouTube, while the song is playing I press the home button, double tap it to bring up the app switcher, swipe to the right and press play. Voila, the YouTube song plays! This doesn't work in iOS 6, because Apple decided to be jerks and remove the functionality, or cocked up and created a bug, either way they suck for it.

Here's the solution: With the video playing in the browser lock your iPhone, double press the home button to bring up the lock screen music controls and press play. When you've done that, open the camera from the lock screen shortcut and then go to the home screen, now bring up the app switcher and the music controls and press play, music!

READ THIS: This worked in both Safari an Chrome, I tried it around 4 times, however it has stopped working for me now, maybe you'll have better luck.