Blackberry 10 is here...and I love it !

So here's some background on me. I got my first smartphone in 2009, a Blackberry Curve 8520. I loved that phone, I really did. I remember how amazing it felt to have the internet in my pocket. I loved the QWERTY keyboard and as I'm an avid social networker, it was a great phone for me. However, with the lack of innovation on RIM's (now Blackberry) part, I moved over to the iPhone, which I still love now. But, now Blackberry 10 is here.

Here are the new devices :



I truly believe these are the best looking Blackberrys ever. While remaining simply designed, they just look gorgeous. Even more than the iPhone 5 in my opinion. But this isn't really about the devices, it's about Blackberry 10.

Blackberry 10, from what I've seen, is one of, if not the best mobile OS I've seen on a device in the last few years. Blackberry have done a truly AWESOME job with it and I can't wait to try it out for myself. Features like the Blackberry Hub, Peek and Flow are truly amazing and much more powerful that any other OS out there in my opinion. One of my complaints about the Blackberry of old, was a lack of apps. That's changed with BB10. 70,000 apps for a newly launched platform is truly fantastic in my eyes. This makes Windows Phone look pathetic and I believe within very little time the app catalog of BB10 will surpass that of Microsoft's attempt. The apps I use heavily day to day are all there. That's the first time I can say that about Blackberry.

I really do applaud Blackberry on it's work with BB10. I believe this will be a big success for the company, which has seen troubles for an extremely long time. If Blackberry 10 is as amazing when I try it myself, as it seems in videos, Blackberry just brought me back to being a Blackberry user.