Hey Folks do u know that Analysts Estimate : 230,000 Surface RT Sold?

I am a regular fan of Stumbleupon,as usual browsing The stumble upon i found an interesting article From the website called www.metrocognition.com,I was stunned in viewing that website design and its content

Prior to Surface going on sale analysts predicted around 2 million would be sold. After the quarter ended one analyst suggested about 1 million actually made it to market. Goldman Sachs analyst Heather Bellini however thinks the number may have been lower, a lot lower. They estimate as few as 230,000 Surface tablets were sold, hardly enough to make a real impression in the market or support the Windows RT ecosystem. Fortunately for Microsoft Windows 8 is there to carry the torch, with the company saying it has shipped more than 60 million licenses since launch.

But this was mainly do the number of markets it was released in and the anticipation for Surface PRO. The real test for the Surface Brand would be when the Surface PRO is out and that will decide the future of Microsoft, Surface and Windows as a whole!