Simple way to prevent Microsoft Surface cover from tearing

I was geeked when I stumbled upon this and then I felt dumb. Surely someone else had realized this trick, but I had never heard of it. I wish I had discovered, or read about, this two-and-a-half months ago


When you use the Surface in "tablet mode," you generally either fold open the cover (2nd image on left) or remove it completely. Folding the cover* puts a lot of stress on the seams and can eventually cause a tear, which exposes the keyboard's internals (3rd image on left). However, you can simply connect the cover backwards (1st image on the left) and there is absolutely no strain on the cover. Notice the clean lines in the 1st image compared to the 2nd one where the cover has been folded open. As a bonus, you won't feel the keys when you hold the tablet.



BTW Folding the cover is an intended use as Microsoft showed in several demos how the keyboard automatically disables itself when folded back. I assume they will modify the "hinge" for the next TouchCover. I wonder if Sinofsky, et al knew about this easy way to (literally) avoid wear and tear on the Surface's TouchCover--were they even aware of the cover's design flaw before releasing the product?