The Art of The OST

Video games are a powerful form of expression. Arguments are made for and against this

form of expression as to the idea as it's place as art. I personally think this is doing

gaming a disservice. To me, video games are a combination of mastery of

art, engineering, music and design. It can be a form that when combined with inspired,

motivated, creative people surpass what film, music, and art can do alone. That said

each individual form adds to the collective. It helps create a world in and of itself to step

into. I'd like to focus on one single form as it relates to gaming, music.

Music helps create atmosphere, tension.....drama. I'd like to focus on a few of my favorite

games and some of the tracks that, for me, helped make these games memorable.

These are just a short collection of tracks that, for one reason of another, stuck with me. I'm

not expecting everyone to agree with my picks. I'm hoping that people will share theirs in

the comment section.

Halo 4

This is a track from Halo 4 composed by Neil Davidge call "Awakening".

This Second track is from The Halo 4 Start Screen.

The first track has a slow build up but has moments of intensity that I like. The 2nd track

to me seems to sum up Halo 4 storyline in it's entirety if you have played through

the campaign. If not, I will not spoil anything. I do feel Marty O' Donnell might have fit my

idea of what a Halo 4 soundtrack "should" sound like. That said I do like Neil's take and

direction on the music in the franchise. It's different and I'm a fan of different.

Metroid Prime

Where do I begin. First off, if you've never played this Trilogy, shame. Shame on you lol.

This is some of the best gaming, gaming has ever offered. For a good copy right now

you'll spend $100 on eBay or Amazon & rightfully so. Even to this day it'll still hold up

against the best despite it's age. Even with beyond that, the aural assault you

receive......I mean just listen.

I'm a big believer that......the first track, the start screen track can tell you a bit

about what you're about to experience. But my god this track does. For those

of you that have played the Primes, you'll know that this is the track that meets

you at the Start Screen.

This second track is called "Tallon Overworld".

This track, much like many in this excellent game oozes atmosphere. For

those who have already played it, I'm quite sure, you've already had a few

flashes of Tallon IV take place in your mind. If by some chance you haven't,

you probably haven't played it yet. There is one more track I'd like to offer

from this game before I move on to the next.

This 3rd track form Metroid Prime is called "Phendrana Drifts".

Again, if you've played the game ,and if not go get it, had one of the

best soundtracks I've ever heard to this day. Everything about this

game was atmosphere. And the art style, level design......everything

made better by an amazingly put together soundtrack. I mean really,

who doesn't remember the 1st time they stepped foot in Phendrina

Drifts. I literally looked around....jaw on the floor.

Legend Of Zelda : Twilight Princess

Hyrule Field

There are actually two reasons this track sticks out in my mind. One

is obviously because of the game itself. The other is it's association

of one of my favorite stages on Smash Bros Brawl - The Great Bridge.

The Legend Of Zelda : Skyward Sword

Main Theme

Personally I'm hoping that there is a few stages from Skyward Sword on the

Wii U version of Smash Bros. However I digress, I don't think there ever was

a Zelda with a poor soundtrack.

Mass Effect


Sam Hulick and Jack wall, two of my favorites. Again, an example of a

Start Screen track that the moment I heard it, I knew it would be great.

The are too many tracks from this series to pick so I'll stick with one from

each game.

As for Mass Effect 2....

Illusive man

I doubt this track needs much explanation. But I think this

track, and the man it's named after, wields significant influence over

the 2nd game.

As for Mass Effect 3.....

An End Once And for All.

I'll admit I had orginally picked "We Face Our Enemy Together". But having gone

through the game a few times and really thinking about it.....I felt this one really

reflected the game as a whole. But again, Sam Hulick, love what he does.


Main Theme

I was going to just put the song up here but I thought this video about the many

voices in Skyrim was just as interesting.

This second track, one I'm sure many of us are familiar with : Far Horizons.

This track is fantastic to me because it, single handed has probably tripled the

amount of hours one could pour into this game. It somehow has the ability to

make you want to scour every inch of Skyrim. Every detail, every cave,

mountaintop and I never get tired of it.

Well those are just a small sampling of what I wanted to share but please feel

encouraged to share some of you favorite tracks from some of your favorite

games. Especially those lesser known tracks. For example....

Skies Of Arcadia

Kingdom of Ixa'Taxa From Skies of Arcadia for Sega Dreamcast. One

of my favorite games of all time. Didn't get nearly the recognition it

deserved. If you feel like there's a good one we haven't played. Share.