Google loves the early-adopters

I would think that many of us Vergers are early-adopters. In the sense that we enjoy doing research on all sorts of products, even ones we'll likely never buy, and if we are going to buy something, you can bet your ass we'll know more than any salesman/woman out-there.

When the Galaxy Nexus was released I had to have it, the Nexus S I had been using was great, but a 4.65" 720p phone as thin as that? Hay-o! Sadly that meant signing a 3-year contract (Canada, brutal I know). The problem is I am a gadget fiend and when The Verge released that mountain-view feature about the Nexus 4 and 10... I knew I had to get both. Yes, yes, I'm a big consumer... blah blah blah.

I sold the Nexus 7 which I so dearly loved, got the Nexus 10 and fell in love with 10" of 300 ppi goodness. It was great, but it wasn't the best for reading like the Nexus 7 was, and I decided I needed something with a little more utility for a student, so I sold it at cost and have been on the hunt for a good Windows 8 tablet... I'm eager to see what Nokia has in store for MWC.

The Nexus 4 I could have passed on, nothing really radically different from the Galaxy Nexus. Much sexier. A bit faster. And the prospect of the charging orb is fantastic. Normally, I wouldn't be able to purchase a new phone once a year off-contract, but Google pricing the Nexus 4 the way it did made it possible. Selling my Galaxy Nexus covered half of the cost and $200 later I was having more or less the same experience but with a much nicer piece of hardware (it does matter).

What I'm getting at, is that we early-adopters face temptations at a break-neck pace these days. With Apple, Google, Microsoft, and BlackBerry pushing great operating systems with new hardware on a monthly basis, what's a gadget-lover to do?

This is why I say Google loves the early-adopters. They know we like to get new phones every year, but can't be breaking and signing new contracts all the time. In fact, once my contract finishes, the plan is to go with a monthly provider, now fortunately a viable option, and likely to be even moreso in the future. I can afford $200 a year to have latest and greatest hardware, and if Google hadn't priced the Nexus 4 the way they did I would still have a Galaxy Nexus.

If Blackberry had priced the Z10 close to that of the Nexus 4 off-contract, there's a good chance I'd be selling the N4 to get that. But they didn't, which is expected when you launch with carriers everywhere.

So, what's your next?

Nexus 4?

BB Z10?

Or sit tight and see if the "legite" pureview Nokia EOS come to life? Or maybe a Surface phone?

One last note...

It's wise to indulge the early-adopters. While we may represent a small piece of the market, I think we're responsible for influencing sales more than anything else. Our friends, family, and co-workers come to us seeking advice on technology, and we're happy to oblige.