Gotta hand it to apple.

We take IOS for granted, but boy is it powerful. Insanely simple yet so complex. After seeing this new blackberry i thought about IOS and iphone. About how apple really nailed it with the UI. I just can't see anyone being swayed away from iphone to go for the blackberry. The OS looks complicated and odd. Wih weird gestures. It has some weird things going with the 4 card home screen thing. It's wacky. Hey, it's a step up for sure. No doubt about it the device it's self looks really great from a design point of view. It's like they meshed a Droid X with an iPhone. It's still plastic though. It's just IOS and Android are so deeply imbedded into people now i can't see anyone switching. This is how you have to look at it. The original iPhone from 2007 could compete with this new blackberry device and do a decent job. Only now in 2012 they have something to compete with the iPhone? That long? That says a lot about the company. I just don't think they got it. They would have at least had a decent handset out there to keep sales semi strong for their fans. Plus i just watched those interviews of heads of the companies not mentioning their mistakes, and not acknowledging apple. It's like at least be real about it. When you are real and honest you win. What do you guys think about bb10?