Kim Dotcom — the infamous, indefatigable internet entrepreneur with an unidentifiable European cadence and the bravado of a Bond villain — is back in our lives. Exactly a year after his website Megaupload was shut down due to charges of copyright infringement, Dotcom has come out with a new venture called Mega.

Mega is ostensibly a cheap way to store files online, offering an insanely generous 50 GB of space for free. It also offers some additional security to protect your data from prying eyes, although the effectiveness has been challenged. Dotcom and his cofounders ran one of the world’s most influential hubs for the market in pirated movies, so of course the new Mega has started attracting pirates — although not as many as you might expect. And with Mega's recent move to shut down the piracy facilitating third-party search engine, the new file-sharing site is starting to seem downright hostile to the file traders on whose backs Dotcom built an empire.

So is Mega an attempt to design the perfect pirate’s paradise? A trap for pirates, perhaps, set up by the feds? Or is Dotcom going legit, as he claims?