Help me replace my Galaxy Note II

I am currently stuck at a rather inconvenient impasse in my smart phone owning life. I have been the happy owner of a Galaxy Note II (Tmobile) for over three months now but I'm starting to get tired of its size. I find that 5.5 is still a comfortable screen size and I love the display, i even find it unpleasant to use smaller phones with sub 4.5" displays. I absolutely adore the battery life I get from my device. I took it off the charger at 8am this morning and at 12:30am it still has 6% battery with ~3.5hours of screen on time, 2:45 music playack(streaming), and 30min of gaming. this is all over tmobile HSPA+ 42

My main usage of the Note is music playback (over bluetooth), reading news and rrs feeds, and some casual games/texting. My questions is is there any, preferably stock and with an SD card slot, android phone with similar battery life on the market? It has to be GSM and I have no intention of purchasing an IOS, BB10(prefer Meego UX), or WP8 device. I have considered the iPhone 5 but i simply dislike using the UI and am deeply entrenched in gmail/maps. WP8 is a no go since im bored of the UI.

I have considered the Nexus 4 but its battery life would not be anywhere near sufficient with my use. Is there a GSM varient of the droid razer maxx HD?

thank for any help