is Blackberry 10 OS too Chaotic?

At first glance, BB10 looks like a good OS…but after watching some videos, I see lots of shortcomings. As Josh and others pointed out, the homescreen is a mess. Combining multitasking and thumbnails of apps might have seemed like a good idea, but in practice, it appears to be a disaster. It’s chaotic. There are certain apps that I constantly use, and having to swipe over to the app tray isn’t really a good way of doing so. Static icons maybe boring, but they’re highly functional because they’re always there where you expect them so you can get to them when you want.

I have a similar problem with Blackberry Hub. As an idea, a combined inbox for all of your emails, tweets, Facebook, SMS, etc. is a great idea. But the problem I see initially is two-fold. First, if you get a lot of notifications such as email, other notifications such as SMS or Facebook will get pushed down the list. Second, there’s no easy way to view what notification you received without having to do the “flow and peek” gesture. Toast notifications such as that on Android and iOS allow you to see what type of notification you got, and the status bar on Android is even more powerful, allowing you to always see which apps have notifications waiting for you. Focusing on Android, notifications are grouped by app as opposed to being thrown all together in reverse chronological order so you can easily focus on the app/notification that you want (for me, SMS always takes priority over anything else). And again, the BB Hub is just chaotic.

So, I’d characterize the new OS as a great 1.0 product, but it’s too chaotic for it to be immensely useful IMO.