ChromeDroid 5.0


I know this has been discussed in great detail but in lieu of today's posts about the new statue and the Chrome OS code update for notifications and potential Google Now support... to me it seems imminent the two OS's will collide to form Google's new ChromeDroid 5.0.

Many of you have mentioned before that it would be detrimental to both Chromes OS and Android to merge... but I don't see why. What functionality would be sacrificed in combining the two?

I'm not suggesting Google pull a Windows 8 here and just make Chrome OS an app in Android... but why not have the desktop layout of Chrome OS with the flexibility of Android and have widgets and apps similar to desktop shortcuts, integrate the notification system, and add gesture support for the back, home, and open-apps buttons.

Heck, Google could even start shipping convertibles (which I think they will with a 12.85" Nexus ChromeBook) where it switches to an all Android layout when detached and used as a tablet.