Essential services that Android lacks

1. Media management - there is no equivalent to iTunes/Zune for people to get their own media/files on the phone. Granted, with Android you can do this a million different ways - copy files, use any number of 3rd party programs, Google Music/Drive etc. But its still lacking.

2. Backup - full phone backup (nandroid), backup/restore contacts/apps/messages/settings etc. Again, many apps exist, some work, some don't. Even using something like Titanium backup to restore apps isn't foolproof, often you have to resort to advanced tricks like clearing data, make it link to market etc. There is no simple solution for users. Google's cloud backup is used by hardly any apps.

3. Phone location - like with WP, iPhone.

Oem's like Samsung/HTC try to provide solutions for these, as they are very real problems, but are often not available to all carriers and are limited to specific phones. These are things everyone else has, and they are not hard to implement, esp for Google who already have all the needed parts figured out, they just need to make a commitment to making Android easier to use.

This is one area Apple excels in - backup/restore from the cloud/local works amazingly well and you never have to worry about losing any data.