Sony needs to execute well in the Playstation 4 OS

I just want the basic stuff done right so I could consider to make the switch. On Xbox, the communication platform is key. Something notoriously poorly done on PS3. The Party Chat function on Xbox draws me in to Microsoft, the ability to talk to multiple friends or team members anywhere throughout the game, whether it's the dashboard or competitive BO2 BO11 scrim. From what I've witness. PS3 was not capable of such a platform. Even loading multiple messages or getting multiple game invites would freeze the console.

So what I'm trying to get a point across, if Sony can't execute this well then we could see a repeat of old age technology in modern hardware. They must improvise or fade away. I want to be blown away February 20th Sony.

Here are three features I want to see in the operating system, what do you guys want to see?

Party Chat

It's a must, also why not up to 18 people? 18 is a lot of people to have a conservation but I'm sure new hardware is capable.

Full threaded based messaging

Why not bring SMS style messaging to consoles? Make it into Android app.


Use both thumbsticks to point up in the menu to read latest notification alert, maybe disable on/off switch for games. Would be great for first person shooter gamers that read and send tons of messages. Maybe after doing that specific gestures you could do another one to send a quick voice message to that person in the notification.