will wp rise? Not in its current pathetic HW and SW conditions

so how messy is the software/SW aspect of the wp proposition?

hmmm let's see: MS had a full friggin year to add NEEDED features to wp7. but oh wait, instead of adding features, they went ahead and re-developed the god dam thing. who said users needed a new kernel? eff the kernel. gimme some needed apps and gimme siri!

rooms? really? who needed rooms? gimme multitasking that works as simply, predictably and effectively as that of iOS. let me close apps by swiping them up, as in webos. rooms my azz....i dont need friggin rooms....

kids corner? who requested that? how about paying wells fargo and chase to develop INCREDIBLY USEFUL APPS that allow us to deposit checks (and please tribe extremists dont pull the "it's not safe to deposit check electronically" card on me) when we live in a town that does not have a branch of our bank? how about that MS?

smartglass? who the heck asked for that? how about making skype calls free so that i can call my parents in belgium for free the way iphone and android users do with viber?

i wonder what MS has in mind for wp9....hmmm here' s my guess: re-rewrite wp to avoid the task of adding truly needed features. lame!!!

i am just like everyone else who drank the live tiles, novelty, and fresh look cool aid. too late to return phone now. stuck with the extremely beautiful and smooth, yet utterly impractical wp8. seriously though, how long is MS gunna play catch up?

and how messy is the hardware/HW aspect of wp?

let's see:

here's the 8x in 4 colors. oh but wait, no flame red. that was just for advertising.

here's the lumia 920 in 5 colors. oh wait, no release date, carrier avail and pricing.

here's OIS. oh wait, fake advert. the OIS works just watch the amateur russian tech reviewer videos. oh wait, your daylight images are still gunna be pretty crappy. who cares though? it's not like we take most of our pictures under normal lighting conditions.

but nokia takes ineptitude and messy business to a whole different level with the color situation: analyze this, the most popular and the most advertised colors of the 920 are the least available. in fact they are unavailable, period. is anyone able to wrap their head around that? i am not talking about availability. the phones are available at select at and t stores. but the most advertised colors are nowhere to be found. seriously, does anyone have an explanation for this?

i have a red 920. i am willing to pay 50$ for a wirless charger. but where is the red charger? where? why is it always out of stock on at and t 's website? i dont think it's ever been in stock in the first place. can anybody explain this?

the NFC joke

kudos to apple's wisdom for not including the NFC chip in the iphone 5 and letting it take space and add cost to the phone. what a joke....MS claimed that it's wp wallet is superior to that of iphone and android, as it truly replaces physical credit and debit cards; except there's two tiny little problems: the wp wallet is actually pretty useless for anything other than app purchases and not a single god dam american wireless carrier supports NFC payments. ....what a gimmick NFC is.

here i am with a gorgeous phone (with the most advanced hardware weilding the most beautiful and smooth mobile OS) that is pretty much useless save for talk, text, facebook and the occasional low light picture.

to the wp8 user: how is that cool aid going for you?

P.S: please let me know if u have any idea where i can find a red wireless charging plate that is compatible with U.S electric outlets.