Surface: Gen 2

So what do you think? Am I crazy or do I make some sense?!? :D

Microsoft Surface RT (aka Xbox Surface)

The concept behind the gen 2 Surface RT is to offer a cheap device purely for consumption.

The Xbox 720 is rumoured to have cable box and PVR functionality, allowing that content to be viewed on other devices.

With this in mind the gen 2 Surface RT could be sold not just as a companion tablet and eReader, but as a 2nd screen for the Xbox 720 for gaming and viewing TV and movies.

  • Next-gen ARM chipset
  • Small (i.e. 8") and lightweight
  • 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Runs Windows RT apps
  • Removal of desktop mode, snapped view, Office RT and a bunch of peripheral compatibility (possibly no USB port)
  • Inclusion of Windows Phone Office Hub
  • No support for touch/type cover
  • Becomes a focus for the Xbox team
  • Cheap! (sub $300)
  • Sold as a tablet, as an eReader (via NookCo) and most importantly as an Xbox accessory in the console isle.
  • Microsoft Surface

    The gen 2 Surface showcases Windows 8 as a productive tablet and enhances the basic PC functionality the device provides.

    The target demographic includes students, professionals and anyone looking for a more powerful tablet that also offers them the convenience of a PC when the occasion arises.

    Although still a companion device, it could potentially replace the PC of a lot of users that don't have the requirement of a more powerful PC

    • Intel ATOM chipset
    • 10.6" screen
    • Size, weight, battery life and price all similar to gen 1 Surface
    • Support for touch/type cover
    • Digitizer!
    • Default configuration of Windows Defender modified to only allow for signed and certified Windows 8 apps to be installed.

    Microsoft Surface Pro

    The gen 2 Surface Pro is designed to bridge the gap between tablet and Ultrabook, offering the functionality of a tablet for those users who require the performance of a full Intel Core class PC.

    With more attachments the gen 2 Surface Pro would be a more versatile device, potentially acting as the primary PC for a large number of users.

    • Intel Core chipset based on Haswell
    • Size, weight and price all similar to gen 1 Surface Pro
    • Battery life increased to 5-6 hours due to Haswell chipset
    • Support for touch/type cover
    • Optional accessory - hinged keyboard for "true" laptop form factor
    • Optional accessory - desktop docking station