$10 Apple iTunes/App Store gift card – What should I spend it on?

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First, Happy New Year everyone! I hope 2013 is treating you "Vergins" (or is it "Vergers") right so far.

Second, I received an Apple gift card and I'm not quite sure how to spend it. I don't really want to spend it music or movies since I'm an Android user, but I do use an iPod for listening to music as streaming over 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi, in my opinion, isn't the best way to use my phone's battery life (I usually buy from Amazon to upload to Google Music and add to my iTunes library. Maybe in another post I can get help correcting that madness).

I don't own an iPhone or an iPad and I'm not really in the market for one anytime soon ...

I do, however, use an aging MacBook Pro and am wondering what are the best apps I can get for that value? What really great apps can I get for $10? What combination of apps would give me the best bang for my digital buck?

I am willing to consider using the $10 towards an app that's priced higher than that as a sort of discount.

Is Sparrow really that good? Is it still worth it? Should I get the full version of Growl? Clear? Disk Doctor seems really useful! IA Writer maybe?

I'm asking for a friend.