This is my next: Sony Xperia Z(L)

I've made my decision, as soon as I can get my hands on one the Sony Xperia Z will be my next phone. And the way things are looking right now it might be the quintessential phone of 2013. A 5" 1920x1080 display, Snapdragon S4 quadcore, LTE, top-notch camera, a big battery (according to rumours) and most uniquely waterproof!

It's also extremely sexy. I love the simple monolithic design with a glass front and back and a subtle metal frame on the edge.

I think Sony poses a serious danger for Samsung this year if Samsung doesn't get their act together and start doing some better design. Sony is improving rapidly, they're hiring software engineers like mad, they've completely revised their Android build system over the last few months and they're already the biggest smartphone manufacturer after Samsung and Apple.

It's probably very different in the US, but over here in Belgium the amount of Xperia's 'in the wild' is huge. The Xperia U, Sola, J and Tipo are selling very well and it's rapidly helping Sony to expand their mindshare. Since carriers never subsidize anything and all phones are unlocked, unbranded and can be used on any network people prefer cheaper phones, and Sony's pricing is very low compared to the competition.

But basically, what do you think about the Xperia Z (and the ZL, which has a slightly smaller bezel and an IR sensor transmitter of waterproofing)?