Nintendo Wii U Pep Talk | Why didn't you get one?

So the Wii U launch is past us and for some reason despite selling out every where it still feels like the Wii U has not made that big of a splash or impact on gaming. In fact GameStop is calling it's sales a disappointment. People are still comparing it to current day systems when it's supposed to be the first of the next generation. A lot of people have stated they didn't get one because they were happy with their PS3 or XBox. Others were simply not impressed by the launch; and people like me heard too many horror stories about so many day one promises being broken, epic download times and things just not being ready, to justify the over 400 dollar (games, controllers, extra hard-drive, plus system) plunge into Nintendoland (pardon the pun).

Personally I'm a Nintendo fanboy at heart but I just couldn't pull the trigger just yet and I know I'm not alone. I wanted to give the big a pep talk as well as a few suggestions on how they can rev up their base and get people on the edge pumped up about the Wii U and the Nintendo brand in general.

The posted video digs deeper into these issues but let's also discuss your reasons for not getting a Wii U, as well as impressions from those that did choose to pick one up.