Lumia 920 Battery Drain? - New Problem

Hi All, Is anyone else experiencing battery drain issues with their Lumia 920? Within the last three or four days, I'm getting significant drain with very little activity. For example, this morning I took my phone off the charger at 7:00 AM, and by noon it was below 75% and the only activity that I had was to turn the screen on twice - once to read an email and once to check the battery level. The only active background tasks that received information were email and Words with Friends as far as I can tell. Right now, after another email check (set to check every 15 minutes), I'm now at 65%. I know it is difficult to diagnose without knowing the background tasks, but I haven't changed my behavior at all and this time last week with the same activity, I was still in the 90% range. The phone is also relatively warm, so I know it is doing something - I just don't know what... Any ideas? Thanks!