Swipeable Keyboard Concept for iPhone (Swipe Up for Numbers/Symbols)


via i.imgur.com

The keyboard attached is a dirty MS Paint cut and paste job I put together that combines the stock iPhone keyboard with a Chinese keyboard from Cydia called "Chinese (SOGOU)". The "Chinese (SOGOU)" keyboard allows users to swipe up on letters for the alternate key shown and the concept works really well except for the fact that the keyboard lacks such features as auto-capitalize, auto-correct, spell check, and the "." shortcut. In addition, it’s also an 8MB download that installs an app along with 4 other keyboards, all of which are in Chinese (including parts of the "Chinese (SOGOU)" keyboard that I cropped out).

This idea seemed to have substantial interest in two threads over in the /r/jailbreak subreddit (here and here) and I was encouraged to post it over here for extra exposure (and in hopes that someone with some iOS development know-how, and a little extra time, might be interested in developing this tweak).