Best MP3 player for gym in MS ecosystem?

I see one glaring omission in the Microsoft ecosystem: the lack of dedicated MP3 player hardware. Now, for many uses, I can simply plug headphones into my phone and pull music from the cloud at will. In fact, this is my preferred usage scenario in most cases.

However, there's no way I'm carrying my 920 in my pocket while I'm lifting weights or doing cardio. It's simply too liable to be damaged. In the Apple ecosystem, an iPod touch/nano/shuffle does the trick perfectly. And before the death of the Zune, Microsoft had an answer for this as well. But that's now dead end technology, and therefore not a good solution any longer. So in today's world, is there a piece of hardware that can fill this void?

Something like the Sansa line of players come to mind. But how much of a pain is the syncing process? Can they even play tracks locked with xbox music DRM?