Forcing an early upgrade with Verizon?

Here's the situation:

My wife is on Verizon, through a family plan with her side of the family (I'm grandfathered in to an a good AT&T family plan with a 920 at the moment, neither of us want to switch providers), and the rest of her family has used up all of their upgrades. We knew about this happening at the time and she didn't care then, but her Droid Incredible has been very wonky lately so she's more than ready to switch. She's interested in WP8 (my fault) and not heavily invested in the android ecosystem (I think she's bought one app in three years...), and with all these great deals going on between the 8X for $99 and the Lumia 822 for $0 it would be the perfect time to upgrade for her. Her earliest official upgrade is in June or July unfortunately.

Does anyone have any experience getting Verizon to allow for an early upgrade when there are none "available"? I've thought about calling up and suggesting that I'd just move her from Verizon to AT&T if they couldn't offer anything, to see if I could force their hand, but it would be more of a bluff than anything and I'm not sure if that would be the best way to go about it...

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!