A couple quick ideas for OS X 10.9

I had a couple ideas for future features to be added into OS X, they are by no means revolutionary but it surprises me that they aren't already implemented.:

Fullscreen apps with multiple monitors:

The days when I would want to own a second monitor are long gone now (full-screen apps allow me plenty of working room with fairly simple app-switching), but I did think of something that may make it more functional. Back on Lion (my only experience with a second monitor), whenever I had a full-screen app running, the second monitor was a blank linen graphic. Usually, it was on the larger of the screens, go figure. But I was thinking, what if apps could use that functionality, similar to the Wii U for additional functionality and easier access to options and settings. Okay, well that just came to me and with it comes its own problems, but my real idea is this: what if when you switch between full-screen apps (like swiping fingers on the trackpad/mouse), the adjacent fullscreen app was on the next screen. So say, one screen could be your Desktop and your second could be your iTunes library. Like I said, this is rudimentary.

Make the desktop matter:

OS X treats the desktop in many ways like another fullscreen app. I do think it works for many instances but it seems not ideal to me. For instance, if I have several fullscreen apps running and I'm in the rightmost app, I can either swipe seven times to get back to the desktop or I can open Mission Control and click on the desktop. By no means is this difficult, but it just seems to me that there would be an easier way. I think of the desktop in many ways as the homescreen of the Mac. It should be as simple as clicking on the Home button, or clicking on the Windows button in Windows 8.

Menu-bar interaction in fullscreen apps

While in a fullscreen app, I really like to be able to access the dock by simply moving my cursor to the bottom of the screen and then continuing to move it down again. I'd like the menubar to work the same way. I don't know how many times I've tried clicking on something, whether its a tab or whatever, and I'll move my cursor up and click on some Menubar app.

Those were a couple of things that were on my mind today. They're likely more trouble than they're worth, but I'd like a crowdsourced answer. Happy New Years!