How I see an Apple hybrid working

So with the launch of Windows 8, there was a huge rise in the creation of hybrid devices by OEMs. This included Microsoft itself with its Surface products. A lot of people have discussed the possibility of a hybrid device coming from the Apple camp soon and I honestly believe this will eventually come. However, where Windows 8 has been poorly implemented, I believe Apple will do a much better job.

Windows 8 really is designed for touch devices. Well, the Modern UI that is. But, Microsoft also included the Desktop UI within Windows 8/RT. After using Windows 8 myself, I found the experience to be rather jarring, as you are thrown between 2 different UIs more than is comfortable. This is where I would expect Apple to get their hybrid right.

When the device is docked with it's keyboard and trackpad, it would run OS X, just like any other Mac. Touch input on the screen would be disabled, as OS X is not a touch friendly environment. When, un-docked, the device would change to running iOS just like the iPad. The vital part of this, is as you'd be using the same device, you would be able to access all your files on the iOS side as well as the OS X side. This way, when using the decie as 'laptop' you would not be forced to use a touch interface. In contrast to this, when using the device as a tablet, you would not be forced to used the desktop UI for any functions.

The obvious thought I came up with that would hinder this, is the fact that Macs use Intel processors whereas iPads use ARM. However, according to reports, Apple are considering switching to ARM in their Macs, which I believe would make this kind of device possible. Should Apple ever make a device like this, it would be much better implemented that the new Windows 8 hybrids that have gone to market.

Let me know your opinions.