Let's Get Something Straight Here

No company is entitled to another company's products.

MS fans are huffing and puffing that Google isn't giving them videos and maps for free.

What makes them think they're entitled to those products?

Some of them are even calling for anti-trust lawsuits.

I just checked and Bing Maps doesn't even work correctly on Android Chrome. Type in California and I'm in Seattle. It's also laggy as hell.

Where's X Box Music and Office 2013 on Android?

So where's the rage over that? Where's the rage over the Outlook client that's basically MS giving the finger to Google?

These MS fanboys should just pack it up and enjoy MS's services and stop whining like Google has some moral obligation to give them stuff for free.

But MS fans I've noticed are the most rabid of the 3 major groups on the Verge. Their commentors post so many comments per person and just never give up. They talk like some oppressed minority cult. I'm sick of it.

Should we the Android army get out to the Google Maps article and flood their thread with posts and see how they like it? Or should we take a vow of silence to ignore them like they're nothing?