has anyone had the pleasure of trying Nokia's "red eye fix" yet?

so i was out with friends at a low-light bar/grill. perfect condition for the 920 camera. before we arrived, i made sure my flash was on auto and my iso was at 800. sadly, nokia's powerful flash is also powerful at creating some serious red eye effect. no worries....creative studio would take care of it.

boy was i wrong: first, it took 7 clicks ....yes 7...i swear 7...7 clicks to get to the god forsaken red eye fix. and so i clicked and then i got a message saying ''no red eye detected''; mind you, there was obvious red eye, and the faces were all looking directly at camera with no eyes covered. in some other picture, i didn't get the ''no red eye detected '' message but the fixed picture looked just like the original image, i swear.

on my bro's iphone, it took 2 clicks to get to the red eye fix. 2 clicks, now that's intuitive for you. and by the way, it took me a couple of trial and error attempts to figure out the crazy sequence of clicks one has to go through to get to the red eye effect.

at home,i went through forums to see if others are having the same issue. turns out that indeed, the creative studio red eye fix is a joke, and that people are looking for alternative apps. while in forums, i remembered how android used to force me to spend hours researching strange os behavior and asking people about what's the best media player to use....etc. the wp experience for me is becoming reminiscent of my dreaded android days, and that's perhaps the worst sign.

so now the 920's camera is not only mediocre in daytime but it also has some issues in low light. ....go figure....speaking of red eye, does anyone know of an app (other than creative studio obviously) that removes it?