Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy, HTC’s Droid, Nokia’s Lumia, Google’s Nexus, the market is flooding with these awesome smartphones. The tech blogs are full of comparison between these various smartphones. People search the net, ask their friends, watch various tech related TV shows to decide which one these phones should they own. But wait; did they forget something in this horde of excitement? If RIM’s BlackBerry comes to your mind, congratulations, you just got the whole point this article.

Where has BlackBerry disappeared? The once giant in the field of phones, who used to control 50 percent of the market share of mobile phones has suddenly gone out of the picture. Is it RIM’s poor marketing techniques, intense competition from android or iOS makers or something else which is causing RIM’s stocks in the market to fall so steeply? Maybe RIM is busy designing a phone that will put them back in the race. Well, it sure is (or at least that is what the folks at RIM are hoping).

RIM will be coming out with a new BlackBerry, L-series phone in January, 2013. Here’s a look at the leaked photographs of the device upon which BlackBerry has pinned all their hopes.

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This device runs on BB10. This OS looks like a cross between Android 4.0 ice cream sandwich and playbook 2.0 OS.

It is sleek with a “rectangular brick” design, which looks like an iPhone from some angles. It has a removable back cover with micro SD card slot and SIM slot hidden behind it.

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It also displays a front facing camera which is a first in BlackBerry smartphones. Around the sides there is a volume control button along with a power button, a micro USB port for charging, data transfer and a HDMI output. It does look very comfortable to hold and use.

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Well, according to some critics BB10 will fail to impress the masses. Whether or not these speculations will be true will be clear upon its release in January, 2013. Till then all I can say by looking at this phone is, BlackBerry hasn’t died – not yet.