Macbook Pro upgrade possibilities

I'm in the market for a new laptop, and I've more or less settled on a refurbished base 13" Macbook Pro; but only because of fantasies about the possibilities for upgrades and such. I was hoping you guys could help me figure these out, whether they are actually likely, and perhaps suggest a few of your own

1- Fusion Drive

Apple recently introduced the concept in their desktop computers, and later on it was revealed that it's really a software feature built into Mountain Lion. Why not have this in your laptop?
It is well-documented that Macbook Pro's DVD writer can be removed and placed in an external enclosure, and the space inside the machine can instead be used for a secondary hard drive. What do you guys think of sticking an SSD in there and then configuring the machine to treat the two hard drives as 1 Fusion drives? It'd be both spacious, and as bench marks have shown, nearly as fast the Macbook Air.

2- Replacing the screen with a Macbook Air one.

The 1280 by 800 resolution is just plain shabby, and sad to say, the same as my 2007 white Macbook. The 15 inch model has a 1440 by 900 pixel screen, and so does the Macbook Air, but in a 13 inch panel. Is it possible to purchase a replacement screen for a Macbook Air, but have it installed on a Macbook Pro instead? That way you have the screen real estate of the 15 inch model, but in the more compact 13 inch body.

Now I understand both of these features seem to be pointing me straight to the Macbook Air. Why not just buy an Air, with the higher resolution display and SSD hard drive already in it, plus a more compact body to boot? The reasons are simple.

a) I require more storage space on the laptop, 128 gig or 256 gig is simply too little, (512 gig model is way out of budget)

b) I could really do with the higher processing power of the Standard Voltage Pro, as opposed to the Air's ULV models. Especially since there is no hit on battery life (larger battery in the Pro) and there is no better graphics card (both HD4000) to compensate.

c) The RAM on the Pro can be upgraded independently, and isn't soldered on. From what I could find around the web, 16 gigs of RAM for the Pro (not even offered by Apple on either model) will cost about the same as the 8 gig upgrade for the Air.


So what do you guys think? Can a Macbook Pro have a Fusion Drive, and be fitted with a Macbook Air's screen? I'd really appreciate your inputs! for about