5 must have Android Apps. What are yours? - Early 2013 Edition.

We have done this before (late 2011 Edition). But that was a while back.

Other than the pre-installed applications on your Android phone, if I was to only install 5 apps on my Android phone, these would be:

  • Twitter for Android. I used to be a Twicca fan but I find myself using it less and less in favor of Twitter for Android.
  • Pocket! Simply a must have and my preferred "content shifting service".
  • WhatsApp. Die non-IP based SMS. Die!
  • Instagram. I must has that!
  • Epistle. After trying out several note taking services, most of which sync with Simplenote, I settled down for Epistle which syncs with Dropbox. It's so easy to use. So straight forward and it has a great interface. Wish it synced with Simplenote though.
So what would your 5 apps be?