What can WE do about Google?

Well one heck of a story with ongoing shenanigans between MS and Google. People are revelling in it and enjoying MS are getting a taste of was they deserve. So are you bothered? or just roll over and be a bystander? has Google's behaviour made you rethink about or leave any of Google's services?

Personally the whole maps thing does not impact me since I have used Nokia Maps from day 1 on my Windows Phone and find it perfectly adequate.

So do you agree with Google with what they are doing and innocent? Is this MS fault for not adopting Webkit for mobile?

Funnily to be honest I reckon most people are on the Google bandwagon and WP users will be quietly swept under the carpet after this, EAS and youtube. WP8 users community is small and insignificant (compared to Android and iOS) so an easy target.

Google are strategically and systematically protecting their services against WP8 because they know the that although the platform is in its infancy it has potential to grow (especially in China).

So why not nip WP8 in the bud and put in some speed bumps? Yep..Google are seriously masters at deflecting and dodging questions about their true intentions vs an open web, even the FTC found nothing wrong with Google.

This is going to continue throughout 2013 I feel and not just impact hardcore MS users but the casual adopters of WP8 and Windows 8 with the blame inadequate support of Google services falling to MS.

I continue to use Google Services like Reader, Youtube and their search engine.

But if you wish to make a formal complaint about Google this is the place to go: