Microsoft and Google are in full-on war. Now stop acting shocked

The war between Microsoft and Google is now being the most aggressive (at least in public), but this war didn't just start now. It started years ago. It started in 2010 when Android started to show explosive growth, and then Microsoft decided to tax every single manufacturer for using an open source OS, just like they tried before with Linux. Remember when they sued both Motorola and B&N, too? They were going to lose the lawsuit with B&N, and that's why they decided to "invest" in a deal with B&N eventually.

Then they continued with back-stage stuff like creating or sponsoring "consumer groups" to bash Google in public and in certain countries' governments, and try to get them in an antitrust lawsuit, too. They even hired top-gun "consultants" for millions of dollars to write opinion pieces about them in major media outlets.

Then they started the Gmail man, Scroogle, Droidrage - all attack campaigns against Google. However lately they've been very good at seeding their side of the story to the media, and the media is buying it - making it seem as if Google started this war *just now*, when in fact the war has been going on for a while, and with some back and forths too, as Google has started counter-attacking, using Motorola's patents against Xbox and so on, but only now Google has started being a lot more serious about hitting Microsoft back, and Google has been pretty poor at seeding to the media why they are doing this, and letting Microsoft drive the conversation.

However, whether you believe Microsoft started it first, or Google started it - my point is that one thing is clear. Both Microsoft and Google and in full-on war now.

So when you go choosing your next device, and deciding what ecosystem you want to be part of, and then later you realize that if you went with Microsoft, Google stopped supporting some Microsoft stuff, or if you went with Google, Microsoft stopped supporting or allowing some Google stuff - don't act all shocked and surprised that this is happening, because it WILL happen, just like iOS users now realize that Apple WILL stop supporting more and more of Google's apps and services.

These companies are in war with each other now, and they've been for a while, and they WILL try to create obstacles for each other.