So Why is Google Doing it?

Google has always had a business model of putting "Google" on as many devices as possible. It's the whole reason why they:

  • Partnered with Apple to bring Google Maps to iOS
  • Bought Android and made it "free" for all the OEMs
  • Created their own free maps app for iOS for even after Apple decided to ditch Google maps.
It's the whole reason why "" works so darn well on just about every device out there. Google has always wanted "Google" on as many devices as possible. Just like Microsoft wants Bing running everywhere and creates as many apps as they can on any platform to do so.

So why the change?

Why suddenly go after, not just Microsoft, but Microsoft customers? Apparently they're also redirecting Blackberry, Symbian, & Meego users as well. People who you ideally would want to accessing Google services.

Google is a services company who's revenue comes primarily from search and advertising. Whether Windows Phone succeeds or not, purposely making maps and Gmail less accessible on other platforms seems to just be shooting themselves in the foot. There has to be some business reason for doing so... It has to be more than just spite.... right?

What do you guys think?