A thought on how to Fix Fragmentation, Bad Skinning, and Crapware?

How about if Google told all the OEM's that if they were to offer a stock android experience (or an option to turn off skinning), cut the crapware out, and make sure that updates are delivered as fast as humanely possible, Google will allow them to keep 10% on Google Play sales from everything to Books, Music, Video, and of course Apps.

OEM's know that margins on hardware are going to continue to decrease. This is why Samsung has garbage like "S Apps" in its Galaxy SIII's. In their mind, they have no choice but to cultivate an half baked ecosystem. But, if Samsung knew it could get a lot from Google Play sales, it will get rid of that crap, promote Google Services and issue timely updates.

And since they would be promoting Google Services, they may also make the choice to promote Google Design and therefore tone-down touchwiz, issue the ability to turn it off, or simply ship Stock all-together.


I want to clarify that I don't necessarily need phones to be a 100% pure stock Android. I do want companies to find meaningful ways to add and to improve Android. But that's not happening. Companies aren't trying to improve Android, they are trying to own it.

They don't want to sell Google's android. They want to take Android and turn it into their own OS and ecosystem. I truly believe that if Google were to fairly incentivize companies like Samsung or HTC, the worst of TouchWiz and Sense would just naturally go away.