Google, bring out these iOS apps: Calendar, Tasks and Contacts

Google recently is doing a great job of convincing iOS users to use Google services.

If they really want to push the majority of the iOS user base into using more Google services, they need to improve their current apps or add additional apps.

This should be in Google's interest since the huge number of iOS users would bring in ad revenue on the desktop and mobile.

The most important ones would definitely be:

  • Google Calendar, Google Tasks (integrated into Gmail or separate app)
  • Google Contacts (integrated into Gmail or separate app)

If they really want to increase users of their other services like Google Finance then these apps need to be released as well:

  • Google Reader (good third party ones available, but none from Google)
  • Google Talk
  • Google News
  • Chrome to Phone
  • Google Finance
  • Google Analytics

There are other apps that are Android-exclusive and need deep system integration. Those will never come to iOS. (Car Home, TalkBack, Gesture Search)

Following the maps UA redirects such a release would also bring some positive news for Google back.