How can I access my "now playing" list on iPad?

I've been using iOS from day one and still cannot find an easy way to access my "now playing" list in the music app on the iPad.

There is, as far as I can tell, only one way to do it. Make sure you remember which play mode you're in (i.e. playing from all songs, from an album, from an artist, or from a playlist), go there, and view the list.

So, for example, if I click the "Genius" icon, I need to go to the playlists tab, and scroll until I find Genius.

I have no way easily knowing what's coming up, and a novice user won't easily be able to find the small "speaker" icon near the currently-playing playlist. They might not even know where to look.



On the iPhone, there aren't any such problems, and there never has been. There is always a now playing screen. You can then always go back to the now playing list by tapping the back icon.



What am I missing?

How can I easily access my now playing list on an iPad? The current method of looking for a small speaker icon in different tabs and places is most certainly not ideal.