lumia 920, galaxy s3 or blackberry?

hi there... my mind is about to explode.. i cant make a choice between the nokia lumia 920, the samsung galaxy s3 or one of the next blabkberry 10 devces

i've read all of the pros and cons of those phones...

first of all, WP8 is a verry good looking OS, is fast and responsive, the cons are FOR ME! the notifications and the multitasking... the apps and those other problems aren't really a problem for me... if there's facebook, skype, whatsapp and games, then its a cool store for me....... as for the phone... they say its thick and heavy but lets be honest... they exagerate.. i mean.. its not a dumbell or something

android is the most sold and used OS in the world!!... the galaxy s3 is the most sold smarphone of the planet (or at least the 90% of it) the cons i find in android FOR ME! is that it looks complicated.. i've never used android so i cant say anything for sure.. but the videos i;ve seen so far are showing me that.. and some people say that is lagy but i can take that if its true.... as for the phone i really cant think of anything bad except for the gicantic screen.. i kinda dont like phablets... OH! and lumia's camera is better (i guess)

and a blackerry... i dont know... here in my country almost everyone has a blackberry... but the 90% of them uses it only for the PIN... not as a real smarphone... so if i go with blackberry it would be only fot chat because the 80% of my friends have a pin... but i dont know what to expect with BB10...

i know wrote a lot but if you know about this and want to help me.. i would love you (not in that way -_-)... so thanks!!!