Quick and easy way to proactively clean up articles' Comments sections

If you're like me, you've probably noticed that a good number of articles at The Verge are about more than just technology, e.g. arts, culture, science, the intersection of some/all of those four categories.

You've also probably noticed that the comments sections of these non-tech-only articles are filled with posts like this:

UGH I COME TO THE VERGE TO READ ABOUT TECHNOLOGY, NOT (politics|global warming|art|movies|etc.)

more tech articles, less (presidential race|global warming|film making|culture) articles, lolololnoobsrofltopolsky

Now most of us have read The Verge's About page and realized that (and I quote) "The Verge was founded in 2011 in partnership with Vox Media, and covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture."

Rather than manually scouring through articles and removing these irrelevant comments that muck up the comments section, The Verge should force all new users to read and agree to a blown-up version of the About page before signing up. There should be a JavaScript timer on the "I Agree" button that lasts for about 7 seconds, which should give even the slowest readers enough time to absorb the information.

"The Verge covers the intersection of technology, science, art, and culture."

For all existing users, they should be redirected to this same page the next time they log in to The Verge or open The Verge.

Once everyone has been sufficiently reminded of The Verge's purpose, they should all duly shut the hell up.

Seriously, the prevalence of these comments is absurd.