Looking to create a social messaging app, and more..

So I'm trying to build a suite of applications for iOS currently, with Android done the line. Basically I want to create applications that are faster, more efficient, and elegant than what many others are doing. At the moment, I have a social messaging app as the frontline of these suites of apps. I'm more of an idea man, with some business expertise and the kind of person who can get anyone to love what they're selling. I just need designers and coders to help execute these ideas, so I can put them into hundreds of thousands of consumers hands. Anyone interested in making apps and are missing those certain components -- basically a team -- my hand is out and my ideas are yours. I have many concepts, with how the apps will be interacted with and their interface. The ideas and the overall plan is there, just need that extra assistance in executing these correctly. I know the ideas I have here are truly remarkable and can make a splash.

So anyone interested, email me at the below address to inquire more about my application suite, my motivates, as well as the grand scheme. Any sort of assistance is more than welcomed. I'm sure with the right team, something besutiful can come of this. I know it's anyone's dream to go big and to make an actual difference in people's lives. So don't hesitate to contact me n

Best Regards,

Eric Gonzalez