Why so much CES coverage?

It just seems like a huge waste of time and effort to me, given the relative meaninglessness of the whole event. For example, this ZDNet article went up today

Winter CES 2013 hasn't even started, but I'm already over it

Seriously, why do we even care about the Consumer Electronics Show anymore?

A New Year begins, and with it goes the annual migration of the technorati to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Bring your comfy shoes, because that's one big show floor, folks.

Well, I ain't going there. The first reason being is I have a day job, and the second is that CES is a waste of anyone's time who is going there.

I'll recap this show for you so you don't have to read the hundreds of articles that are going to be written this week.

There will be many Android tablets and smartphones. There will be many smartphone accessories. There will be lots of PCs. There will be every type of Internet-connected single purpose or highly specialized gadget you can think of. There will be many digital cameras. There will be more HDTV sets than you can shake a stick at. There will be all kinds of video games being shown in various stages of development.

And guess what, more than half of these products won't actually materialize. Because at the end of the day, the large brick and mortar and online retailers are the ones who really control the consumer electronics industry.