OK so i lied. i decided to buy the lumia 822.

I have posted many times on this forum that i want a phone with a better battery size and how great my htc trophy is with an oversized 3000 mAh battery. however my screen cracked and now it will cost me at least $70 to fix the screen. i decided to just get a new phone until a premium wp8 phone came to verizon. i ordered a used white lumia 822 on ebay for $250..260 with shipping. i figure i will just have to buy an extra battery. hate that but there isn't much of an alternative. my phone arrives tomorrow 1/7/13. i'll let everyone know my impressions. in case you're wondering, i bought the 822 instead of the 8x because the cheapest i could get the 8x is $400 +, or the iphone 5 for $550 +, i won't go back to android software, and i don't think either phone is worth that kind of premium. plus i get the free nokia apps. This is my first nokia phone.