Charms bar touchpad gestures

I have a specific question for the Tribe here, so if you have the Windows 8 touchpad driver, you can do 'edge' gestures like swipe from right for charms bar, swipe from left to multitask, swipe from top for app commands...

My problem is with the swipe from right for Charms bar. See when you swipe from the right, the Charms bar appears, but your mouse pointer is like a MILE away from the Charms bar.

I've tried several Windows 8 laptops, and some of them has the pointer 'snapped' to the Start button whenever I swipe from the right for the Charms bar, which is extremely convenient. The others doesn't.

My question is where do I find the setting, or checkbox to enable this? I've tried the 'Snap To' checkbox in the Mouse Properties, Pointer Options tab, but that doesn't work either. There's also no options to enable this on any of the other drivers.