The problem with Google Now...

The problem with Google Now is that I'm never really sure if it is working or not. Sometimes I want to see local information and its not there. It's like an unreliable notification system. If it's not going to be there every time - only at times when it 'thinks' I'll need it - I find myself just going straight to an alternative app for that info rather than using Now. Same goes for things like boarding passes. If they don't show up well in advance and stay there (clogging up the feed), I don't feel secure that GN will send them to me at the right time. I find myself setting up alternative methods 'just in case', thus negating the need for GN in that particular use case; making cards nothing more than a novelty.

I propose a fix.

GN sends contextual information to the notification shade 'when I need it', and the rest of my contextual cards can be selected to be 'always present' in the GN search screen. I can choose as many or as few to be there all the time as I wish. That way, I know that the boarding pass or photo opportunities is ready there for me in the GN search screen, but that it will send me a notification 'when I need it' for traffic etc. when I actually need it. That cuts out the confusion between 'contextual information' and 'notifications' that is my present experience of GN.

Also - does anyone know why Google can't have GN connect to other apps in the same way that Android allows users to 'Share' with other apps. e.g. 'Add go shopping to Gtasks' adds 'go shopping' as a task in the mentioned app in the same way that the 'share' option works in other apps.

Also (again) - does anyone know why GN can't be context aware on my phone - knowing what apps I have open? e.g. 'save this webpage to Evernote'. It might need to be able to show the web page at the same time, so it/you can see what you are sending to Evernote etc..